Branding Iron Wall

Brands were and are still essential in the livestock industry for identifying ownership of livestock in the event of loss or theft. In the early days these brands not only expressed ownership but also literal brand recognition. The brands themself were logos that everyone could associate. In fact, the words brand names, brand recognition, and so many other associated with company products and services today got their roots from branding livestock. Major companies today use symbology to create “brand awareness” around their products. From cattle to computers, brands are everywhere.

The brand of the Lightning C Ranch has a literal shocking origin as Everett Colborn, ranch owner, had just purchased a prize bull and was struck by lightning. So, he appropriately named his new property the “Lightning C Ranch.” The brand itself quite eloquently expresses this iconography with a lightning bolt running through the center of a capital letter “C.”

Brand of the Lightning C Ranch

Branding Iron Wall in museum. Click on image for larger view.

The Branding Iron Wall showcases many brands of working ranches and farms. Some of the brands are still actively used today in ranching operations. Many of the brands have their own quirky and odd stories of their origins and design.

Branding Iron Wall gallery in museum. Click on image for larger view.