Legacy of the Rodeo

Area 1-Dublin-Wall 2-Section 2-Table
On the table below there’s a spread of huge longhorn horns. It was brought in by Charley Campbell ‘s grandson. I turn to the huge trunk that is sitting right beside the sign in sheet stand by the front door and say “This trunk was brought in by Charley Campbell’s grandson. Charlie Campbell oversaw over 100 trunks that were shipped on the rodeo train but he only took care of 1 trunk and tack which for number 29 horse called Sergeant. When Everett Colborn retired in 1959, he gave this trunk, the saddle, and horse to Charlie Campbell and it has been passed on through generations of Charley’s descendants. Back at the table is a pair of huge longhorns of Colborn’s lead steer that led the parades. The steer died and Charlie was told to get rid of the body but Charlie kept the horns and had them mounted and has also been passed down through generations of Campbells and was donated in 2021. Also on the table to the right is a photo of the first sanctioned Cutting horse contestants. Beside it is a copy of the Cutting Horse Chatter magazine with the story of the first sanctioned cutting held in Dublin, Texas. Also on the table is a purple scarf embroidered with Casey Tibbs name made for Casey Tibbs, a white fringed leather vest, shirt and boots for 5-year-old of Becky Guyger with a newspaper photo of her.
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More to the right on the wall are covers of Dublin Rodeo Programs in which one is of Casey Tibbs.