The Colborn Bowl

Area 1-Dublin-Wall 2-Section 2
I say, the first Dublin Rodeo was held at the city park. They leased bleachers from a university to get it set up and started. The rodeo did so well that they built the Colborn Bowl in 1945 and opened in 1946. To build the Colborn Bowl they raised money by selling shares to the Dublin people. When the Dublin rodeo did good the people of Dublin did good. It has been written that Colborn used Dublin as a showplace to show other towns how they can do the same by contracting the World’s Championship Rodeo. The Colborn Bowl became the largest outdoor arena in the southwest and home to the first sanctioned cutting horse show when it opened in 1946. Outside is a historical marker for the Dublin Rodeo and a First Sanctioned Cutting held in Dublin. Magazine articles have been written of our museum in Cutting Horse Chatter, Western Horseman, Texas Highways and twice in the National Western Heritage Museum Historical Society’s Ketchpen about Colborn’s rodeo train.

Area 1-Dublin-Wall 2-Section 4-Colborn Bowl Gate
Below Section 4 is an old gate from the holding pen of the bucking bronc from the Colborn Bowl. You can see where there is a hole made by the horses.