Charlie Ben Bradberry

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Arena 2-Wall 3-Charlie Ben Bradberry

Charlie Ben Bradberry had a fleet of trucks in the 30’s & 40’s. His slogan was “Charlie Ben and his moving men”. It caught Colborn’s ear and he ask Charlie Ben to move hay for his rodeo stock and later Colborn’s rodeo stock and equipment. 

Charlie Ben became Colborn’s Chute Boss in 1941 and when Colborn retired in 1959, Charlie Ben continued as Chute Boss for different national rodeos until 1966. 

In 1947 Colborn came home one day and told Charlie Ben “We need to open a feed store. Don Hine in Orange is making a $100 a day and we need to get started.” Charlie Ben got on the phone and placed an order from Quaker Oats, and Farmers Feed Store started in Dublin. In 1953 Colborn sold his interest back to Charlie Ben and that feed store is still here in Dublin today and run by third generation of Bradberry’s called Bradberry’s Best.

 I show them photos of Charlie Ben riding Quadrille with Colborn’s oldest daughter, Rosemary, his photos in New York with Gene Autry, Everett Colborn, photos of him with Hopalong Cassidy and a photo of him with one of his moving trucks. I explain he took care of the bucking broncs and here is a photo of him with 3 of the Lightning C bucking broncs. Photos of him as Flagman in the parades and him standing in front of Madsion Square Garden with the Marque sign that reads Championship Rodeo, $50,000 in cash prizes.